The Abstract

Where time is your Canvas


For the first time in history, it is possible to purchase moments of Time defined in terms of Cardano’s protocol: Ouroboros. Starting at Cardano’s genesis block in September 2017 until today, anyone can purchase TimeStamps of days filled with special moments.

Beyond owning a piece of time, each ATS contains original art created by the recognized Dimitris Ladopoulos, known for his style of algorithmic recursive subdivision and artwork for

Finally each ATS holds future rights to place immutable content on Ada’s timeline. A new immortal method to share the impact created by you, your team, or your organization.


On Cardano and powered by AdaTimeStamps (ATS), people will be able to leave a footprint on ADA’s timeline. A democratized archive that stretches along the permanent and predicable axis of time.

"I was here"

Ada portrait

Our TimeStamps empower people to make personal digital footprints that will not be washed away and forgotten. Instead of individual timelines stored on centralized servers, Ada’s timeline is open, immutable, and built on Cardano’s ever-evolving system.

Educate, entertain or inspire others today and tomorrow on Cardano’s timeline. Share your message with today as well as with future generations.


To build the most epic timeline in history.