Our Team

Multidisciplinary in its core

We are a multidisciplinary team that wants to offer the world a new way to build heritage through technology and decentralization. We want to decide collectively what should be remembered, what inspires us, and what makes us think. Big or small. We see it as our mission to preserve knowledge, history, humor, good acts, and carry on their legacy, using the building blocks of our digital society. AdaTimeStamp’s goals may seem grandiose, but we treat them with the seriousness they deserve.

Our team also runs Cardano stake pool AmsterdamNode.com since Epoch 210, hosted the Cardano summit 2021 in Amsterdam, and helped a bar in Amsterdam to accept ADA for beers! Stake to AMS!



Is our content marketer and researcher that keeps us historically as well as technically correct.



Is our astrophysicist (every team should have one), we turn to him for all the difficult questions about time, the universe, and optimizing EUTxO’s.



Is our anti-echo chamber engineer, product manager, and resident realist. He turns our big ideas into actionable steps.



Is our trusted senior developer, data analyst and technological rabbit hole explorer, with a humble outlook on life that keeps the team grounded.



Is our economist, technology consultant and the ‘lets do it’ dyslexktic entrepreneur who shapes teams and partnerships to build on the Cardano tech stack.