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Thank you for trying out Ada Time Stamp. Together we strive to create humanity’s most epic timeline!

Your content is welcome, please try to keep it positive, thought-provoking,  educational, fun, or creative.

If the content does not fit the intent of the archive it:
i) May be moved to “The-Gray-Area” archive, to resolve later when we have community governance in place.
ii) Hide it completely (for example if it infringes IP, is illegal or harmful content)

Understand that creating Ada Time Stamp is complex. We do our best, but be aware of the risks associated with using this novel platform. Please read the full terms and conditions before using our platform and completing your transaction.

Full terms & conditions


  • Each Ada Time Stamp represents 1 unique block (~20 slots/seconds). If you select a date a block is selected at random. No one other than you own the rights associated with the Timestamp. The same is true for our Byron era Timestamps of 1 day (~86,400 slots) from 2017-09-23 to 2020-07-29.
  • Only use our services if you understand the risks involved, are above 18 years of age, and are not breaking laws applicable to you by using
  • The content you upload via our services will be stored and displayed in such a way that they are publicly available to all. 
  • The content you upload via our services may never change or be deleted from the third-party decentralized storage services. Even upon your request - we can not guarantee to change or delete the content you uploaded via our service.
  • After successful payment, your uploaded content will result in a newly created Ada Time Stamp (ATS) a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Your ATS is sent to your self-custodial wallet via the Cardano blockchain. You are solely responsible for the security, handling, and outcome of the payment and resulting digital assets.
  • Before uploading and completing the transaction via our services you must assess and approve the content to ensure compliance with local and global laws. If you are not comfortable or confident in this responsibility do not use our services.
  • Valid and compliant ATS NFTs hold the following rights:
    a) Self-contained proof of ownership of the unique creation.
    b) Visibility in the timeline of AdaTimeStamp.
    c) Future governance rights: 1 slot = 1 vote. 
  • You indemnify and hold harmless AdaTimeStamp for any third-party claims related to content uploaded by you via our services.
  • By uploading your content via our service you grant Ada Time Stamp a worldwide and irrevocable right to freely use, reproduce, publish, and distribute this content anywhere including third-party websites and applications such as X/Twitter. 
  • You indemnify and hold harmless our third-party suppliers (such as NMKR,, Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, IOHK/IOG and IAGON)  in any legal repercussions related to your use of our Services.  
  • You understand and agree that we attempt to visualize your uploaded content fairly and proportionately. You agree that AdaTimeStamp is free to moderate content as it sees fit. This may include changing the method with which your content is found or hiding your content on AdaTimeStamp.
  • Infringement of our terms and conditions, code of conduct (see Discord), or legal rights of third parties may result in actions that pursue the removal of infringing content from decentralized public storage services where possible.
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